Aligning Your Website With Ethical Values


Corwin Hiebert


July 19, 2023
2 min read

Minimizing Your Digital Carbon Footprint

Your website should showcase your story, products, and address customer queries while building awareness. But what if it contradicts your brand values?

When you consider all of the various ways your brand inspires and educates your customers, your website is home base.

As an ethical brand, you’re already setting an example by implementing countless sustainable measures across all areas of your operations, such as optimizing transportation logistics, minimizing food waste, and embracing eco-friendly packaging options. However, it’s possible that your website isn’t living up to your values.

Every website consumes electricity in order to function, and this energy consumption is often generated by burning fossil fuels, leading to the release of greenhouse gasses and contributing to climate change.  

A website's carbon footprint is determined by factors such as the hosting provider, the energy source powering the servers, the size of the website, and the energy efficiency of the website's code. By optimizing these aspects with low consumption in mind, a brand can significantly reduce its website's carbon emissions.

The Website Carbon Calculator is a tool that measures the energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with operating a website and anyone can use it. By providing insights into the carbon emissions generated by our websites, we can make informed decisions and take steps to minimize our environmental impact.  

At Ethical Food Group we baked this approach right into our strategy. By using an automatic dark mode, mainly black and white images, no video content, and more behind the scenes choices, we’re making sure that our brand platform and our website design line up with our values. When put through the Website Carbon Calculator above, we’re using less energy than 90% of websites out there.

We see this kind of digital stewardship as a growing trend in ethical businesses and feel that food making should be no exception. If you feel the same way, let’s chat.

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Corwin Hiebert
VP, Strategic Partnerships, EFG
Corwin is at the helm of the day-to-day activities of EFG, and brings his year's of experience in the food business to every EFG member, partner and client.

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