How We Help Your Brand

If you have an amazing purpose-driven food product, process or idea, but you don't know how to tell people about it, that’s why we’re here. To help you get good food to the masses.

We have experience in scaling food brands, supporting entrepreneurs and connecting you to the people and resources you need to expand and grow.

Ethical Brand Diagnostic

We become your strategic partner and bring our expertise to your business structure, product, category, audience, values and identify opportunities for optimization and profit. Where we add additional value is transforming your brand from features-based positioning to a more widely appealing, emotional connection with consumers based on your purpose. Then we’ll work together to translate this throughout your entire organization, from purchasing to sales.

Brand Strategy

We’ve been designing, building, strategizing, advertising and telling stories on behalf of brands for 30+ years and we want to bring our expertise to your ethical food business.

We have learned that each part of the customer experience is as important as any other. So we start with the big brand story we want to tell and that guides every other decision at every touchpoint.

We will help you with everything from a brand platform review and brand messaging to unlocking consumer insights you need to win at retail and beyond.

Sales Strategy & Management

We understand the challenges that ethical brands face in retail as well as having a deep understanding of the way consumers make decisions when buying in these categories.

We will develop an effective approach for your ideal sales channels and build out the assets you need to confidently engage category buyers and consumers so you can get your product on and off more shelves.

Advertising & Communications

We’re here to turn up the volume on what you’ve got. What you’ve got is good. What you’ve got is what the people want.

We’re here to make sure they know about it. Our ad and communication brains are some of the best and most seasoned in the biz.

Media & PR

People want what you make. They just don’t know it yet. 78% of consumers want to consume in ways that help the planet.

We have the media, public relations and social marketing teams to make sure those people know about you.

Performance Marketing

Remember when you could tell your story to every customer yourself? As you grow, this becomes impossible. Having a digital presence in the channels where your customers hang out is the new farmer’s market chat.

Our digital team considers every touchpoint along your customer's journey and delivers content, intuitive and conversion optimized web practices and more to help you grow.

Operations, Certifications & Logistics Consulting

Our consulting arm can help you with four main areas of focus: B-Corp Certification, finance, operations, and logistics.

Each of these specialty areas are supported by industry veterans with modern practices at their heart.

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